Month: November 2017

WordPress Post Filter using day of the week

Try this one:– This answer may help someone who really wants to customize their filters. // Do advanced SQL editing for filtering the days of the week [crayon-5e8adb52a30cf310910556/] Then using a carefully constructed meta value and dummy compare like so (see the code in the original question) I could achieve the SQL injection: [crayon-5e8adb52a30dd672703700/] Note:

How to get current category ID of the active page in wordpress

You can try using [crayon-5e8adb52a4156435850879-i/]: [crayon-5e8adb52a415d391030861/] One thing is more here… Looking to pull the category ID of a specific page in WordPress that is listing all posts using that specific category. Tried the below but not working. I am able to get the category name using single_term_title. [crayon-5e8adb52a4162710610002/] $category is displaying “Entertainment” for example. But