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What is Cakephp?

CakePHP is an open-source framework for PHP. It is intended to make developing, deploying and maintaining applications much easier. CakePHP is based on an MVC-like architecture that is both powerful and easy to grasp. Models, Views, and Controllers guarantee a strict but natural separation of business logic from data and presentation layers. CakePHP makes building

How to Installation CakePHP

Installing CakePHP is simple and easy. You can install it from composer or you can download it from github − We will further understand how to install CakePHP in WampServer. After downloading it from github, extract all the files in a folder called “CakePHP” in WampServer. You can give custom name to folder but we

CakePHP – Folder Structure

Take a look at the following screenshot. It shows the folder structure of CakePHP. The following table describes the role of each folder − S.No Folder Name & Description 1 bin The bin folder holds the Cake console executables. 2 config The config folder holds the (few) configuration files CakePHP uses. Database connection details, bootstrapping,

CakePHP – Configuration

CakePHP comes with one configuration file by default and we can modify it according to our needs. There is one dedicated folder “config” for this purpose. CakePHP comes withdifferent configuration options. General Configuration The following table describes the role of various variables and how they affect your CakePHP application. S.No Variable Name & Description 1 debug Changes

CakePHP – Redirect Routing

Redirect routing is useful when we want to inform client applications that this URL has been moved. The URL can be redirected using the following function. [crayon-5e8a2be56b044511390701/] There are three arguments to the above function − A string describing the template of the route. A URL to redirect to. An array matching the named elements