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How to get Woo-commerce order details

Since Woocommerce mega major Update 3.0+ things have changed quite a lot: WC_Order properties can’t be access directly as before and will throw some errors. New WC_Order and WC_Abstract_Order getters and setters methods are now needed. There is some New classes for Order items: WC_Order_Item class. WC_Order_Item_Product class. Also see: Get Order items and WC_Order_Item_Product in Woocommerce 3 So also the Order

WordPress Post Filter using day of the week

Try this one:– This answer may help someone who really wants to customize their filters. // Do advanced SQL editing for filtering the days of the week [crayon-5e83488408a1b326218161/] Then using a carefully constructed meta value and dummy compare like so (see the code in the original question) I could achieve the SQL injection: [crayon-5e83488408a29854700437/] Note: